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Dog & Puppy Grooming FAQs

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Do you de-matt dogs?

This is entirely dependent on the coat condition and the dog’s temperament. Where possible, it is always preferable to save the dog’s coat but in some cases it may cause too much pain and distress to the dog as well as becoming costly and time consuming to attempt to get matts out of a compacted coat. In these cases it is much more humane to shave the coat off and get on a regular grooming schedule to maintain the coat condition as it grows back. This is a case by case decision and will be discussed with the owner prior to the groom.

What is your pricing?

We charge a base rate depending on the size/weight of the dog, this base rate is for dogs with a good condition coat and temperament that will not require any extra care (such as dematting the coat or having to do a close shave down due to matting or having an extra staff member to help control the dog due to behaviour – these require more time and will incur additional charges on top of the base groom pricing.

Do you express anal glands?

No, many veterinarians have spoken out about this issue and have advised that it should be a vet-only procedure. Vets can express the glands internally which is much less intrusive than expressing the glands externally (as a groomer would). Expressing externally increases the risk of building up scar tissue around the gland which then prevents the gland from expressing naturally and will forever need to be manually expressed. If we notice any issues or abnormalities with the glands, this will be brought to the owners attention and referred for veterinary care.

What products do you use?

We use Green Groom shampoos and conditioners, this is an all natural, biodegradable and cruelty free product specifically created for dogs and puppies. It does not contain irritants such as soaps, dyes and bleaches and is safe for all skin and coat types.

How old does my puppy have to be for his/her first groom?

It is incredibly important to start your dogs grooming journey early in life, especially if they are a breed with a coat that will require regular grooming throughout its life. We groom one on one so your puppy will be safe to start grooming appointments after their first vaccination (usually around 12 weeks). All surfaces and tools are disinfected in between appointments so there will be no risk to your puppy.

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