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Dog & Puppy Grooming at Top Notch

Top Notch Price List

Our dog and puppy grooming services include:

  • Nail trims
  • Wash & Dry ( Top quality products suited to your dogs skin and coat, followed with a towel dry and high velocity blow dry)
  • Mini groom (Wash, dry, sanitary clip (eyes, ears, armpits, bum, paw pads) and a nail trim)
  • De-shedding double coats
  • Full service groom (Wash, dry, sanitary clip, full body pet clip to owners wishes, nail trim)

Prior to any grooming services we will do a thorough coat, skin and body assessment, often a groomer may pick up on any irregularities that may not be noticed at home and the results of the assessment may alter the grooming required.

Bath, dry, brush
Double shampoo, conditioner, high velocity (HV) dry, full body brush out.

De-shed groom
Double shampoo, conditioner, HV dry, full body brush out, undercoat removal, scissor tidy, nails.

Mini groom
Double shampoo, conditioner, HV dry, full body brush out, face and feet scissor tidy, sanitary trim (armpits, hygiene area, ear trim) , shave out paw pads, nails.

Full groom
Double shampoo, conditioner, HV dry, full body brush out, full body clip to owners request, paw pads shaved out, nails.

Puppy groom
Start off with wash and dry appointments and gradually introduce nails, clippers etc at following appointments as puppy becomes more adjusted to grooming.

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About Aurora…

My name is Aurora, I have recently graduated from Angels Grooming Academy completing all four levels from beginner to advanced. Angels is the most highly regarded grooming academy in the country and teaches a thorough and intensive program all under the watchful eye of a master groomer. Through my time at the academy, I have groomed a large variety of dogs with a large variety of coats including breed standard cuts and have finished my studies confident in both my handling and grooming abilities.

Pet grooming is unfortunately an unregulated industry, so many groomers who provide the service have not actually received any formal training or qualifications which can be dangerous for the animal and make it a much more unpleasant experience for both the dog and the owner. It was of the utmost importance that before I endeavour into my grooming career that I receive the best training available to provide the safest, kindest and most enjoyable grooming experience for all involved. In addition to my training,

Prior to my studies I have been a staff member at Top Notch kennels for over a year so am already familiar with many of our frequent visitors and gained experience with handling and managing dogs which gave me a great head start as handling an uncooperative dog can be half the battle with completing a successful groom!

Dogs have been my passion since I was a little girl so to begin a career looking after the health and well-being of (in my opinion) the best pets in the world are an absolute dream come true and I very much look forward to grooming your beloved fur-babies!

Please note: all dogs will require an up to date multivaccination e.g. DHPPi or Van +5. Evidence of this will need to be provided, if not already on file with us.


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e.g. matted
Please note: all dogs will require an up to date multivaccination e.g. DHPPi or Van +5, and evidence of this will need to be provided if not already on file with us. If you haven't previously provided us with your dog's vaccination booklet, please do so above. Allowed file types: JPG, JPEG. Max upload size: 5MB.
Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming


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